Dough Re Mi is home to yet another Wacoan power couple, Texas-native Mary Senese and Ontario-born Frank Senese founded their first delectably edible cookie dough location in Belton, TX in the latter half of 2019. In the years following the breakout success of their first Dough Re Mi location, Mary and Frank have since opened another location right here at Union Hall in addition to their other restaurant Roni’s Mac Bar (also located in Union Hall). What started as an at-home cookie dough-making side gig from the Senese’s very own kitchen has since blossomed into a flourishing business with 2 storefronts and nationwide shipping to dessert lovers across the United States. 

Mary and Frank have taken the time to answer a few questions for us regarding their success and entrepreneurial spirit. 



Q: What’s been your favorite part about being open in Waco? In Union Hall?

A: “We’ve loved getting to be in a bigger city, formerly being in Belton, and the exposure to so many out-of-town guests.”


Q: What pushed you into taking the leap and opening your first business?

A: “Both of us had prior restaurant management experience and a huge interest in operating a business. We really wanted to take that knowledge and passion and turn it into something where we could really grow as leaders.”


Q: Right now, what’s the #1 menu item you’d recommend to your customers and why? 

A: “NY Cheesecake and S’mores! They’re seasonal, so we’ll only have them for a few more months before they’re gone until next year.”


Q: How have you overcome any hurdles that you may have faced?

A: “Surrounding ourselves with good people. We have a strong business partnership, as well as a strong team to help us.”


Q: How did your delicious edible cookie dough recipe come about? What was the inspiration behind it and why did you feel it was important to share that with the world?

A: “Our founder, Mary, always loved baking and after graduating from college, decided to start selling cookie dough to family and friends to make some extra cash while applying for jobs. With COVID putting a hold on hiring, and the business taking off more than expected, she decided to pursue the cookie dough gig full-time! Our cookie dough is both safe-to-eat and bake-able, with every flavor and recipe still chosen and developed by Mary herself.”


Q: What’s next for Dough Re Mi?

A: “We’re so excited to be one of the vendors at Union Grove in Woodway and Union Crossing in Temple! We’ve had such a great experience at Union Hall, and Central Texas is where our roots and our heart are.”


Your childhood favorite treat has finally been made safe to eat! You can find Dough Re Mi and Roni’s Mac Bar at 720 Franklin Ave. inside Union Hall. Below are Dough Re Mi’s hours of operation:
















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