Stacy and Jason Zukerman are the owners of Zuke’s Tea Bar, a local tea bar that specializes in freshly brewed loose-leaf teas by the glass. Zuke’s Tea Bar opened inside Union Hall in January of 2021 and has quickly become a Waco staple. As long time tea lovers and members of the Waco community since 2013, Stacy and Jason love to share their knowledge and passion with the tight-knit community they call home. June 10 is national iced tea day and Zuke’s is living up to the spirit of the holiday by launching their mobile tea bar the same day!

We had a chance to ask Stacy and Jason a few questions in honor of national tea day and to celebrate their success and growth!

Q: So you opened Zuke’s Tea Bar in January of 2021, can you describe your journey and experience in Union Hall and with the Waco community during that time?
A: We had been a bit delayed with opening due to the COVID pandemic, as well as material and contractor delays. When we finally opened we were so ready to share our love of tea! It’s been such a joy to teach our patrons a new & delicious way to drink tea!  Both the Waco Community & the Union Hall Community have been such a blessing to us.
Q: What has been your favorite thing about being open in Waco? In Union Hall?
A: Our family moved to Waco in 2013 and quickly fell in love with this tight-knit community.  Waco has such a love for supporting local businesses.  The local business community in Waco has been one of my favorite things about starting up here.
For that reason, we love the small business community of Union Hall.  We have met some of the most wonderful business owners and families through this little network.  Its a great place to share our advice, challenges and successes!
Q: How have you overcome any challenges that you may have faced?
A: One of our biggest challenges has been learning how to operate in a small space, with all of your supplies in an efficient manner!  We are learning and growing in that way every day!  Another major challenge has been finding supplies..cups, lids, straws. In the age of COVID, restaurants have increased their take out options which has definitely put a strain on materials.
Q: What makes you most excited about this expansion?
A: We are so excited about the growth in our small company!  The mobile tea bar will allow us to take our delicous teas to events and pop up’s all around Waco!  And strategically….. we are launching on National Iced Tea Day!
Q: What is the next step for Zuke’s?

A: The next steps for Zuke’s would be continuing to expand in ways that make sense for us and the areas we expand to.  For now, we are content with continuing to share our teas with our community!


If you would like to try some of the delicious freshly brewed tea from Zuke’s you can find them at 720 Franklin Ave inside Union Hall. Their hours of operation are as follows:

11AM – 8PM
11AM – 8PM
11AM – 8PM
11AM – 8PM
11AM – 9PM
11AM – 9PM

11AM – 8PM

For their menu or for more information visit