Union Hall’s Waco Melt offers the best gourmet grilled cheese experience in Waco! From sandwiches like “The Firebird” (which includes smoked chicken, BBQ sauce, XXX hot sauce, mozzarella sticks, provolone, swiss, and cilantro) to “The Waco Original” (which has american, white american, cheddar, and monterey jack cheeses), Waco Melt is absolutely stacked with grilled cheese creations for everyone. 


The owner of Waco Melt, Martin Solis Perez III, took the time to answer some questions about their restaurant: 


Q: What’s been your favorite part about being open in Waco? In Union Hall?


A: “With Waco being a tourist destination we have been given the opportunity to meet many different people from all over. Union Hall has been the outlet for us to bring our gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches to the public. Location, location, location!


Q: Can you describe your journey and experience in Union Hall and with the Waco community?


A: “This has definitely been a big learning experience for us. From day one we worked day in and day out to complete our storefront to be able to bring our gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches to Waco. The support from the Waco community has been tremendous! We appreciate all of our customers for their support. We try to add a new sandwich to our menu each month to give the Waco community something new and fresh to experience.


Q: What are some challenges you’ve faced and how have you overcome them? 


A: “Right now, our biggest challenges are juggling rising costs and staff shortages. We are actively seeking the best deals on inventory that allow us to keep our same quality and price point as low as possible. As for employee shortages, we are advertising and scheduling interviews to fill our employment needs.


Q: Right now, what is the go-to menu item you’d recommend to your customers?


A: “Our signature PopPop with chips and tomato soup. Why? Smoked brisket, house made chips and tomato soup. Need I say more?


Q: For you, what is the key difference between a boring, bland grilled cheese and one of Waco Melt’s mind-blowing grilled cheese creations and hot sandwiches?


A: “Our signature grilled cheese sandwiches feature smoked meats and two or three different types of cheeses that create a flavor that want you to come back for more.


Q: What’s the next step for Waco Melt?


A: “Our future plan is to become mobile and bring our signature grilled cheese sandwiches to festival’s, farmers markets and private events. Stay tuned!!!


You can find Waco Melt at 720 Franklin Ave. inside Union Hall. Below are their hours of operation:

















For Waco Melt’s menu visit the Waco Melt Facebook page!